About EAST-ADL Association


The EAST-ADL language is developed by different projects and stakeholders over time. To synchronize further refinement of the language and provide an entry point for EAST-ADL information, the EAST-ADL association has been formed.

The EAST-ADL Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the aim of assisting and promoting the development and application of the EAST-ADL.

The EAST-ADL Association will stipulate the content of new versions of the EAST-ADL language. This will be done through collaboration between the members of the association and within projects and organizations working with EAST-ADL.

The EAST-ADL Association claims no rights to the EAST-ADL.

Membership in the EAST-ADL Association is open to individuals and organizations who agree to support the purpose of the association.

Members can be affiliated with consortia, companies, institutes, universities or other organizations. The initial set of members are companies and individuals from OEMs, suppliers, tool vendors and research organizations developing EAST-ADL.

The EAST-ADL Association has no fees or funds, and each member carry any costs for contributing.

For inquires: info@east-adl.info

EAST-ADL Association (c) 2011-21