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UseCases : Public Package PackageDependencies, DomainModel
The use case package contains elements for defining the required usage of a system. Typically, UseCases are used to capture the functional requirements of a system, that is, what a system is supposed to do. In order to organize use cases in an EAST-ADL requirements hierarchy, a Refine relation can be used to link the UseCase to a requirement. <br/><br/>To enable a rich and logical organization of UseCases, specific relationships are introduced to enable the extension, inclusion or redefinition of existing UseCases.<br/><br/>The UseCase concept is explicitly linked to two main elements in the rest of the language: 1) the Satisfy relationship from Requirements, which links system entities, and the Requirement or the UseCase they satisfy; 2) the HazardousEvent concept from Dependability, which links a particular Hazard to a specific situation, depicted as a UseCase.<br/>
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